Happy places! What could be more fun than making special places look beautiful?
Mother Nature, are you ready for your close up?


Client: VERB Interactive/Bay Ferries

It’s a true Nova Scotian experience to arrive here by sea. After several years on hiatus, the CAT high-speed ferry, running between Portland, ME and Yarmouth, NS came back in the summer of 2016. “The Cat Came Back” was our call to action and we proudly welcomed visitors to our shores. This spot was part of Bay Ferries’ broadcast TV campaign.

Client: Destination Halifax

Halifax is blessed with abundant places to enjoy the great outdoors. For local Jill Manos, living here is a source of deep fulfillment. Whether surfing, cycling or taking in the fall colours, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else - the perfect message for Destination Halifax to take to visitors eager to explore outside the city.


Client: Halifax Convention Centre

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to prepare the catering for conferences and events? And what is the appeal of the Halifax Convention Centre to attract a top French chef to call this city home? Join Christophe Luzeux as he shares why Halifax has become his creative inspiration.


Client: Destination Halifax

Halifax may not be on everyone’s bucket list of top gastronomic destinations, but taking a stroll through downtown and along the waterfront offers some surprising delights. Local produce and fresh seafood rub shoulders with fine dining and Maritime hospitality. So much so that it inspired Emily Forrest to establish Local Tasting Tours to explore our city’s culinary side.

The Halifax Waterfront (I Heart Bikes)

Client: Destination Halifax

Over 2 million people explore Halifax’s waterfront every year. Local entrepreneur Sarah Craig saw an opportunity to create a different way of experiencing this iconic setting, and I Heart Bikes was born. Created as part of a series of visitor attraction spots for Destination Halifax, this film is a touching homage to everything that is great about being in a city on the ocean.

Where the Stars Align

Client: Trampoline / Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Tourism Association (YASTA)

The sun sets. The lights start to dim. Darkness descends. And then the spectacle begins. Savour the majesty of the night sky as you’ve never seen it before at the Dark Sky Preserve, another hidden gem in Southwest Nova Scotia.