Back in 2007, Mathew was an artsy drifter from the West, with a growing reputation for documentary filmmaking in the Ocean City. He finally got a dishwasher installed in his kitchen and that gave him more time to write a business plan for Journeyman... imagining a better way to help organizations tap the power of story. When Oren joined he was a North End Halifax Liberal Arts grad and hipster-in-denial, with many audio talents and no children. (Now he has three!)

In the past decade we’ve grown from the kitchen table to a beautiful custom studio we own, with ambitions to continue growing until we are recognized as one of the best content marketing studios in Canada.

Why do we do what we do? Telling a story and making an impact is a beautiful thing. And we know it takes hard work and digging to find the nugget of a good story, no matter how small. Story can transform the teller as much as it can move the audience. This was as true in the beginning as it is today.

The best part of your week might be those days you collaborate with smart, passionate people on creative work. We like to make that possible. Clients like that we’re personal, AND we’re organized and professional. Larger clients with long term content needs trust a team that has over ten years of experience, with infrastructure in place to manage valuable video content assets. Clients also like being part of our team, where they learn about video strategy, production and distribution process while working with us. They appreciate that we can have fun, and be present.

We take on video content production projects that require patience and good judgment, cultural understanding, bear awareness training (yes, that's a thing!), high standards for safety, tolerance for weather, offshore helicopter escape training, ability to work in other languages, and always, the ability to find a story and build compelling video content that will lead to a STRATEGIC RESULT.