ENERGY | Journeyman video production and video marketing

Energy makes the world hum. It's huge. The Energy Transition changes and challenges us. And it's often misunderstood.

We helped address public concerns about LNG with educational video content; we worked to educate people on energy efficiency with useful social & digital content; and we’re rooting for Nova Scotia’s emerging tidal energy players. Very cool nation-building stuff.


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Our client needed to inspire and motivate with a video that promotes energy efficiency. David Bligh is a man on a mission to find wasted energy in Nova Scotia’s largest hospital, and we decided to play up the story structure here, showing a character on a daunting journey. As an on-site Energy Manager, David has become an embedded part of the team - Capital Health’s very own energy detective. This story highlights the different ways ENS works with major organizations to identify energy saving projects and better energy management.

We asked - What the heck is a HEAT WRAP?

Client: Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) (Ontario)

The client needs fun, engaging social media video content to inspire change. A heat wrap is a great idea, but little understood. So, we hit the streets of Ottawa and Toronto and asked the people in the street a few simple questions. There’s always something new to learn about energy efficiency, in our homes and in our workplaces. This video with "Streeter Interviews" helps the video audience see themselves in the picture on the journey toward energy efficiency. It's not dry or information heavy, but gets the point across through the words of people we found on the day!


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Energy efficiency is a tough concept to make tangible. How do you quantify the value of something you don’t use? To support Efficiency Nova Scotia's annual report, we created a short explainer animation video to help Nova Scotians appreciate the benefits derived from the commitment to being more energy efficient.


Client: Black Rock Tidal Power

The powerful tides in the Bay of Fundy have long held allure for their potential as a source of renewable energy. Enter Black Rock Tidal. Their challenge is trying to harness 160 billion tonnes of water twice a day. Our challenge was creating a compelling story about this new kid on the tidal energy block.


Client: Halifax Partnership

Nova Scotia’s Ocean Sector is producing great stories of innovative entrepreneurs. UK-born entrepreneur Tom Knox got a $20,000 grant and built his prototype connector in his own garage. It immediately started selling internationally as it was revolutionary in size and power, helping to monitor the turbines in the Bay of Fundy in harsh, extreme conditions.