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Powerful stories emerge through crafted video content production when you tackle the best and the worst of our shared experiences in sickness and health.


Client: Arthritis Society/TELUS

Every September is Arthritis Awareness Month, and TELUS wanted to make sure that everybody knew it. They put us in touch with young campers Emily and Jenna. The girls met at Camp JoinTogether in the Annapolis Valley. Through the magic of summer camp, and the support of other kids who also have arthritis, a valuable friendship bloomed.


Client: Genome Atlantic

What if half the men in a family were dropping dead, and no one knew why? We worked with Genome Canada to tell the remarkable story of how genomics research lifted the veil on this elusive and often fatal genetic heart condition. The story of Chad Pelley, a young writer who might already have died, tells how this breakthrough research has changed his life.


Client: IWK Health Centre

Dr. Tony Otley has a challenging task. As Head of the Gastroenterology & Nutrition department at the IWK Health Centre, he has to inform young people - and their families - when they are diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It's a life changing moment. Tony and his team wanted a film to raise awareness about what living with Crohn's disease is all about. ICE Awards Gold Winner.


Client: Annapolis Valley, South Shore and Southwest District Health Authorities Population Health Working Group

Donna’s story is not new. A young girl, growing up in rural Nova Scotia, part of family dealing with many challenges. On the surface, a girl full of character and curiosity, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The Population Health team wanted to highlight the complex range of social determinants that influence anyone’s health.