The Big Lift

How do you use video to shift a community from anger to pride?

Our client at Halifax Harbour Bridges faced a difficult long term challenge while they replaced a bridge at heart of the city. They had to keep the public informed and onside. Managing the public's anger and misunderstanding was a big deal.


Our client wanted to use storytelling to help the public understand and accept the construction process. Our client needed to educate and engage and shift public perception. They wanted the community to own and even love “The Big Lift.”


We created captivating video content to show impressive feats of engineering. We captured the personal point of view of the heroes involved. We used our documentary filmmaker’s eye to make content that created an emotional connection to the bridge.


Online video content reached 30% of the city organically, and earned national and international media coverage. Through increased public awareness, “The Big Lift” became a community project. Public perception shifted from haters into lovers. People defended the bridge work on social media.

We helped our client to completely document the story of this historic undertaking, and created a 22 minute legacy documentary film.



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