Here’s your challenge: can you take your audience on a transformative journey and tell a story in 15 or 30 or 60 Seconds?


Client: VERB Interactive/Bay Ferries

It’s a true Nova Scotian experience to arrive here by sea. After several years on hiatus, the CAT high-speed ferry, running between Portland, ME and Yarmouth, NS came back in the summer of 2016. “The Cat Came Back” was our call to action and we proudly welcomed visitors to our shores. This spot was part of Bay Ferries’ broadcast TV campaign.


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Megan, Gordon and Jack lived in Scotland for ten years in a century old house. They found the perfect home in Fall River that was a beautiful spot for Jack to grow up. The caveat was that it was an older house with electric heat. They saw the previous owner’s power bill and knew they would have to make changes if they wanted to live in their preferred home.


Client: Fares Inc.

King’s Wharf is fast becoming an icon of the Dartmouth shoreline. When the first building was erected and seeking tenants, we were engaged to create a short film to coincide with the launch of the new company website. Inspired by a Grey Goose commercial, set on board a yacht, we created scenes that evoked the lifestyle that King's Wharf offers - relaxation, luxury, enjoyment.


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Katie at Efficiency Nova Scotia was putting together the Annual Report. And she was finding very encouraging things. Energy efficiency was actually competing with Nova Scotia’s other fuel sources. Efficiency, in effect, was becoming a fuel source. And now we need to bang the drum: let’s not only consider efficiency a fuel, let’s make it our primary fuel!


Client: Saint Mary’s University

Part of our series for Saint Mary’s fall recruitment campaign, this 30 sec spot combines our three student “heroes” as they explore their passions in the worlds of arts, science and finance.


Client: Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems

Being a diver is a high pressure job. Assignments are often dangerous, time sensitive and have little room for error. Our challenge was to produce a film that realistically demonstrated the drama of these operations while showcasing the DiverCOMM product in action. We created realistic scenarios, without using any green screens or computer generated imagery.