Making the world a better place? Sign us up! We’ve crafted engaging video content for small local arts organizations like Xara Choral Theatre, and for larger international organizations like Aga Khan Foundation and CUSO.


Client: Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

2016 will long be remembered by many in Canada as the year of the refugees. Canada opened its doors to tens of thousands of new immigrants. Emotions were running high, both compassion and conflict. ISANS wanted to capture the experiences of refugees from around the world and convey what it felt like to leave their homeland and forge a new life in Nova Scotia.


Client: Xara Choral Theatre

Claire and Christina received funding for longer video content after the huge success of our teaser. They wanted to share an impact story of being involved in Xara’s high-calibre performances. A singer leaving the group had written to express her gratitude for the transformation from a nervous, introverted girl to a more confident woman. We had found our story.


Client: Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust has a goal to protect our wilderness. They also want to make our spectacular landscape accessible to enjoy. Rogues’ Roost, near Prospect, has long been a favoured haunt of sailors, although the rum running that gave rise to its name is a thing of the past. Today, this idyllic jewel is just one of the locations that NSNT is trying to protect...forever.


Client: Alex’s Safe Harbour

Alex’s Safe Harbour is a local charity providing free grief support for children, teens & families. The main goal of the film was to increase awareness of the organization with three main benefits: to inform the community of the services provided, to attract volunteers to the charity, and to support fundraising efforts.


Client: Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE)

Increasing the ocean literacy of the next generation of Canadians is essential to ensuring we remain good stewards of our ocean resources and the unique ecosystems they support. To open CaNOE’s 2016 conference in Halifax, we created this short teaser to remind delegates about why we have such an emotional connection to the seas.


Client: Bicycle Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is great place to go for a bike ride — through town, by the sea, in the woods, you name it. But not every trail and roadway is as safe or well-marked as we’d like. Ben and his hardworking team at Bicycle Nova Scotia have created and launched the Blue Route, 3000 kms of connected bike routes to encourage active transport and recreation options on two wheels.


Client: Aga Khan Foundation

Aga Khan Foundation is working to strengthen health systems, and ultimately improve health outcomes, for those living in rural and remote areas of central Asia. Our team travelled to Tajikistan to meet Vafo, a community health promoter, who's using his past struggles with substance abuse to teach young men healthier habits.