We have been on the Canadian Federal Government vendor list for video content production services for the past 7 years as a trusted bilingual production partner.

We understand the processes and challenges involved in procurement. And we know there can be many political masters to please. But let’s work as a team and create some captivating video content that connects! We recently finished a 360 Video Virtual Reality piece on a lobster fishing boat for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans!


Client: Canadian Forces, Royal Navy Fleet Dive Unit

Some trainees quit after seeing this film! And that, our client tells us, means this film is working. In the dive world, training can mean the difference between life and death. Our client agreed to create an unusually personal piece that stands out among military training films. It was created to go beyond procedures to create a film “by divers, for divers” with powerful results.

Client: Canada Revenue Agency

Most people wouldn’t link the CRA and innovation in the same sentence. We were tasked to highlight some of the ongoing work project teams across the country were leading to enable the CRA to serve people better. From accessing your tax information on your phone to filing electronically, we meet the real employees behind these innovations.

Client: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

In the small northern town of Kitimat, B.C., townspeople are facing an uncertain future as energy companies push to set up export terminals there There are many challenges that come with being a newcomer to Canada, and a central one is finding a great place to live. There are so many factors to consider for comfort, safety and accessibility. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association wants to take the “scary” out of finding the perfect spot for any new Canadian.


Client: Canada Revenue Agency

If a visit from the taxman is enough to strike fear into the heart of the average Canadian, imagine the reaction for a micro-distillery in Lunenburg when the excise officer knocks on your door. Fortunately, Ironworks’ owner Pierre Guevremont had everything in order.  This film enabled us to shoot at this unique location, and shine a light on one of CRA’s roles.


Client: Annapolis Valley, South Shore and Southwest District Health Authorities Population Health Working Group

Donna’s story is not new. A young girl, growing up in rural Nova Scotia, is part of a family dealing with many challenges. On the surface, she's full of character and curiosity, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The Population Health team wanted to highlight the complex range of social determinants that influence anyone’s health.