We are looking for brave clients who want to make great video content as a way of building audiences, without pushing the message up front.

Together, let’s craft entertaining, educational, useful and enagaging video content that people want to watch!


Client: TELUS

We are proud to share Andre's Story, our work for TELUS and WE. Since 2007, TELUS and WE have been working together to help engage and empower youth to harness their innovative ideas, make positive change and become community leaders. Watch the video to see how Andre turned the pain he experienced from cyberbullying into motivation to create spoken word poetry. His words now serve as inspiration to others who have been, or are being bullied. Together, we can #RiseAbove.


Alex Henniffent dreamed of something no one else could see. Alone, he built a snowboard terrain park in the isolated woods of Newfoundland, inspired by a DIY, rider-driven culture. His raw passion, drive, and creative spirit sparked the beginning of VOLTFUSE, a lo-fi snowboarding apparel brand that has been slowly and surely connecting a global community to his own backyard.


Client: Journeyman

We believe that a city reveals its heart and soul through its special places and individual experiences. In this film, we decided to look for Halifax’s heart in the snow and the cold. And we found it at The Oval. During a dark period in his life, Brooks Carmody found, in the Oval ice rink, a place of light and innocence.


Client: Arthritis Society/TELUS

Every September is Arthritis Awareness Month, and TELUS wanted to make sure that everybody knew it. They put us in touch with young campers Emily and Jenna. The girls met at Camp JoinTogether in the Annapolis Valley. Through the magic of summer camp, and the support of other kids who also have arthritis, a valuable friendship bloomed.


Client: TELUS

Telus is committed to telling stories of the human interaction with technology. As Dan Kraus explains in this short piece we created for them, technology can pull us in so much that we disconnect from the world around us. But surprisingly, technology also allows us to connect to the natural world and to contribute to our collective understanding of nature. It's about Big Data.