If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Just like radio, but way more visual!


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Katie at Efficiency Nova Scotia was putting together the Annual Report. And she was finding very encouraging things. Energy efficiency was actually competing with Nova Scotia’s other fuel sources. Efficiency, in effect, was becoming a fuel source. And now we need to bang the drum: let’s not only consider efficiency a fuel, let’s make it our primary fuel!


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Energy efficiency is a tough concept to make tangible. How do you quantify the value of something you don’t use? To support Efficiency Nova Scotia's annual report, we created a short animation - inspired by the lyrical, poetic style of Giant Ant Media’s “Educate the Heart” - to help Nova Scotians appreciate the benefits derived from the commitment to being more energy efficient.


Client: CUSO International

We worked with Sean Kelly at Cuso International for a couple of years, creating powerful stories of community projects that have a direct benefit on the lives of people in less privileged communities. For this project, the stakes were raised – to create a scripted animation that would act as a new PSA and help educate potential volunteers about how to get involved.


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia celebrates innovators and leaders in energy efficiency at the Bright Business Awards. This year’s Leadership Award went to Rochelle Owen. A 25-year sustainability black-belt, Rochelle has formed the Dalhousie Energy Committee, enlisted volunteers, students and thesis-writers, and transformed the landscape of two campuses, for the greener!

Client: Canada Revenue Agency

Compliance in tax filing is not likely to feature in a top 10 of “most glamorous jobs”, but presenting the search for wrongdoing as a detective story created intrigue and curiosity. Just another example of the Canada Revenue Agency making innovation a part of their culture.

Client: Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation

There are many challenges that come with being a newcomer to Canada, and a central one is finding a great place to live. There are so many factors to consider for comfort, safety and accessibility. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association wants to take the “scary” out of finding the perfect spot for any new Canadian.


Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Errol and Charles can help your business save energy and save money. The sources of those savings might surprise you. For many business owners, they just need someone to point to where they should look — and that’s where Efficiency Nova Scotia steps in. They wanted businesses to know that no operations are “too unique” to create significant energy savings.