Short Films

The world is saturated with content noise.

They say our attention spans are shrinking as a result! There is definitely a shrinking appetite for watching advertising or messaging. But people will spend time watching a story. The more we can make your content look like a short film and less like a “corporate video,” the more we can earn audience attention.

Hunter, Finn & The Big Lift
Client: Halifax Harbour Bridges

Hunter and Finn, both 12, don't know each other but share the same passion for the MacDonald Bridge and The Big Lift. Follow HHB's youngest guests as they're given a rare and up-close opportunity to experience The Big Lift in action.

Helping Capital Health Use Energy Smarter
Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

David Bligh is a man on a mission to find wasted energy in Nova Scotia’s largest hospital. As an on-site Energy Manager, David has become an embedded part of the team - Capital Health’s very own energy detective. This story highlights the different ways ENS works with major organizations to identify energy saving projects and better energy management.

The Oval: A Halifax Story
Client: Journeyman Film Company

We believe that a city reveals its heart and soul through its special places and individual experiences. In this film, we decided to look for Halifax’s heart in the snow and the cold. And we found it at The Oval. During a dark period in his life, Brooks Carmody found, in the Oval ice rink, a place of light and innocence.

A Family Curse
Client: Genome Atlantic

What if half the men in a family were dropping dead, and no one knew why? We worked with Genome Canada to tell the remarkable story of how genomics research lifted the veil on this elusive and often fatal genetic heart condition. The story of Chad Pelley, a young writer who might already have died, tells how this breakthrough research has changed his life.

Arthritis Awareness
Client: Arthritis Society/TELUS

Every September is Arthritis Awareness Month, and TELUS wanted to make sure that everybody knew it. They put us in touch with young campers Emily and Jenna. The girls met at Camp JoinTogether in the Annapolis Valley. Through the magic of summer camp, and the support of other kids who also have arthritis, a valuable friendship bloomed.

The Perfect Spot
Client: LNG Canada

Joost Van Tilburg arrived at work to face the sort of task that most of us cannot imagine tackling: a 20 billion dollar investment, the future prosperity of communities for generations, beautiful, pristine environments, and a global energy race that would see Canada catch up in the sector of LNG production. Choosing the right location was critical, and Joost had to make that choice.

The Hopeful Health Promoter of Darmorakth
Client: Aga Khan Foundation

Aga Khan Foundation is working to strengthen health systems, and ultimately improve health outcomes, for those living in rural and remote areas of central Asia. Our team travelled to Tajikistan to meet Vafo, a community health promoter, who's using his past struggles with substance abuse to teach young men healthier habits.