Ocean Economy

We’re based in Canada’s Ocean City, so it’s natural that we shoot on, near, and in the ocean.

It’s a deep mystery. It’s rich with potential. We want to help Canadians, the next generation, the world … see oceans and our role in it, through a new lens.

The Force of Tidal
Client: Halifax Partnership

Nova Scotia’s Ocean Sector is producing great stories of innovative entrepreneurs. UK-born entrepreneur Tom Knox got a $20,000 grant and built his prototype connector in his own garage. It immediately started selling internationally as it was revolutionary in size and power, helping to monitor the turbines in the Bay of Fundy in harsh, extreme conditions.

Whales, Places and Passion
Client: Halifax Partnership

For Carmen Lawrence, a close encounter with a whale as a young girl stirred something in her. Growing up in a small rural fishing community, she recognized an opportunity to combine her natural curiosity with a desire to contribute to the burgeoning ocean economy around her. And she is able to make that happen at Nova Scotia Community College.

Ocean Innovators
Client: Halifax Partnership

What do Halifax and Nova Scotia have that’s special and different?  Science. Defence. Education. Technology. Shipbuilding. Tourism. There’s something that touches all of these. The ocean. That big, blue, dramatic, perplexing, beautiful Atlantic which gets into our blood and inspires us. We’re Ocean Innovators living, working and thriving in “Canada’s Ocean City”.

Safe Shipping
Client: LNG Canada

What does it take to safely navigate a 350 metre long vessel through the Douglas Channel on Canada’s west coast? What are the potential impacts that need to be mitigated? Just some of the questions Mark Turner and the LNG Canada team had to answer when planning the best route to take carriers to and from the proposed export terminal in Kitimat, B.C.

Export Achievement Awards: Eel Lake Oyster Farm
Client: Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)

Nova Scotia is famous for its lobster and seafood, and the humble oyster has become part of that menu. The team at Eel Lake display the same humility, motivated by a love for what they do and getting the best possible product from water to plate as quickly as possible. So sit back and enjoy local oysters in their full glory.

Nova Scotia: Built to Build
Client: Irving Shipbuilding / Communications Nova Scotia

Back in 2011, the Halifax shipyard was abuzz with the opportunity for the next generation of Navy ships to be built in Halifax, a decision with the potential to transform the provincial economy over the next generation. We produced this film to help generate positive support for Irving’s bid.

Premium Seafoods
Client: Premium Seafoods

Back in 1992, the fishing industry was collapsing in Atlantic Canada. Two cousins had just started up a fishing company a few years before and were facing an uncertain future for themselves and their community. Today, these two hard-working Acadian boys have a thriving company — and community. They needed a film to help them market to the world.

Environmental Assessment: Water
Client: LNG Canada

Conducting an environmental assessment for a $40B infrastructure project is a serious undertaking. It is a significant milestone in the development of a mega project like LNG Canada’s proposed facility in Kitimat, B.C. To coincide with the public release of their EA report, we created a series of films to underline the level of detail and community engagement involved.