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Let’s shift our thinking about creating ONE video “for the website” or any other single purpose.

Your video assets are so valuable! Take care of your content and share it on the many platforms where they can help build all the essential pieces of your story.

The Big Lift From Above
Client: Halifax Harbour Bridges

There’s at least a couple of ways to look at a mammoth bridge engineering project.  An inconvenience to commuters? For sure. An impressive feat of engineering nothing short of miraculous?  Definitely! The latter is exactly the impression we wanted to leave with our audience after watching this compilation of breathtaking aerial footage of The Big Lift.

A Family Curse: “Margaret Atwood”
Client: Genome Atlantic

As we cut the main film, we found lots of great content that lent itself really well to creating some short-form derivative pieces, like this amusing story of Chad’s “encounter” with literary legend Margaret Atwood.

A Family Curse: “Neighbourhoods”
Client: Genome Atlantic

The story of the “family curse” that killed young men in Newfoundland was intrinsically linked to the location, so we looked for ways to combine visuals and text to create another teaser for social media to intrigue people to watch the full story.

Blue Route Teaser
Client: Bicycle Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is great place to go for a bike ride — through town, by the sea, in the woods, you name it. But not every trail and roadway is as safe or well-marked as we’d like. Ben and his hardworking team at Bicycle Nova Scotia have created and launched the Blue Route, 3000 kms of connected bike routes to encourage active transport and recreation options on two wheels.

Fall Recruitment 2014: Alex
Client: Saint Mary’s University

We worked on the SMU account for 4 consecutive years, each one bringing different storytelling opportunities. In this spot, Alex shares her passions for languages and travel and how she she combines them in her studies - all told in a neat 15 sec package!

Young Family Commercial
Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia

Megan, Gordon and Jack lived in Scotland for ten years in a century old house. They found the perfect home in Fall River that was a beautiful spot for Jack to grow up. The caveat was that it was an older house with electric heat. They saw the previous owner’s power bill and knew they would have to make changes if they wanted to live in their preferred home.

The Famous Farmers of Ishkashim
Client: Aga Khan Foundation

In the past, farmers didn't think they could grow vegetables in this cold region of Afghanistan. Thanks to programming supported by Aga Khan Foundation, this community is beating the odds. We created this short teaser to direct viewers to the full-length cut.