First Nations

Canada’s First Nations are a diverse group experiencing growth, struggle and triumph. From energy projects to community development, we want to help tell the stories that will build prosperity and understanding. We are honoured to have worked with the Haisla, the Mi’kmaq, and the Cree.

Haisla Nation and LNG Canada Working Together
Client: LNG Canada

Engagement with First Nations is an essential part of any resource development in Canada. As stewards of the land for generations, their perspective, knowledge and support is critical to any successful project. LNG Canada made this a priority when embarking on planning its proposed facility in northern B.C. We captured the strength of this relationship.

Winds of Change
Client: Pictou Landing First Nation

For the community of Pictou Landing First Nation, sustainable management of their land and its resources has always been a traditional way of life. The PLFN Council believes that their community's future depends on wise investment in sustainable economic development. We worked with the band council to tell this community’s story of combining emerging technologies with traditional philosophies.

First LNG in Kitimat
Client: LNG Canada

In the small northern town of Kitimat, B.C., townspeople are facing an uncertain future as energy companies push to set up export terminals there to ship Canadian energy to Asian markets. This remote community has experienced a boom-bust existence, so this "next big thing" is prompting a mix of curiosity and concern.

Disposal at Sea
Client: LNG Canada

Kitimat was created as an industry town. Over the years, this resulted in contaminants being deposited in the surrounding area. As LNG Canada identified the requirements for building a new berth that could receive LNG carriers, the need to dredge an area of the shoreline required the team to peel back the layers of time to explore what material was there, and how to safely dispose of it.

Whether it’s tirelessly analyzing data to determine the most effective dredging option with the least environmental impact, or working hand-in-hand with Haisla leadership to help achieve mutual understanding, our journey into the world of dredging connects us with a team of dedicated individuals who bring passion to their jobs.