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King’s Wharf
Client: Fares Inc.

King’s Wharf is fast becoming an icon of the Dartmouth shoreline. When the first building was erected and seeking tenants, we were engaged to create a short film to coincide with the launch of the new company website. Inspired by a Grey Goose commercial, set on board a yacht, we created scenes that evoked the lifestyle that King's Wharf offers - relaxation, luxury, enjoyment.

The Cat Ferry is Back
Client: VERB Interactive/Bay Ferries

It’s a true Nova Scotian experience to arrive here by sea. After several years on hiatus, the CAT high-speed ferry, running between Portland, ME and Yarmouth, NS came back in the summer of 2016. “The Cat Came Back” was our call to action and we proudly welcomed visitors to our shores. This spot was part of Bay Ferries’ broadcast TV campaign.

DiverCOMM Promo 
Client: Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems

Being a diver is a high pressure job. Assignments are often dangerous, time sensitive and have little room for error. Our challenge was to produce a film that realistically demonstrated the drama of these operations while showcasing the DiverCOMM product in action. We created realistic scenarios, without using any green screens or computer generated imagery.

Pavillion at South Park Commercial
Client: Southwest Properties

Having worked with Lindsay Downie to profile King’s Wharf, we were top of mind for her when it came time to promote the Pavilion, the ambitious complex that was being constructed opposite Halifax’s Public Gardens. While the building was just a design concept, our challenge was to visually portray the lifestyle for those who choose to call the Pavillion home.

Fall Recruitment 2012
Client: Saint Mary’s University

Time spent at university is a seminal period for most of us, a chance to find your passions and stretch your mind. At Saint Mary’s University, these themes combine under the banner of “living learning” - finding opportunities to apply your studies to seek personal growth. We were tasked to showcase the campus through the eyes of students from each of the faculties.