We live in a time when the public has a growing appetite for more stories about science and innovation. These stories fascinate us, give us hope, drive the economy, and help us imagine the future.

A Family Curse
Client: Genome Atlantic

What if half the men in a family were dropping dead, and no one knew why? We worked with Genome Canada to tell the remarkable story of how genomics research lifted the veil on this elusive and often fatal genetic heart condition. The story of Chad Pelley, a young writer who might already have died, tells how this breakthrough research has changed his life.

The Force of Tidal
Client: Halifax Partnership

Nova Scotia’s Ocean Sector is producing great stories of innovative entrepreneurs. UK-born entrepreneur Tom Knox got a $20,000 grant and built his prototype connector in his own garage. It immediately started selling internationally as it was revolutionary in size and power, helping to monitor the turbines in the Bay of Fundy in harsh, extreme conditions.

The Man Who Talks to Fish
Client: Halifax Partnership

Passion comes in many shapes, sizes and combinations. For Dalhousie scientist Jean-Francois Bousquet, pursuit of his passion led him to imagine and invent new ways to communicate with fish and gain deeper understanding of life beneath the waves. This film gives us a glimpse into the dedication of our ocean research community.

Exploring Life Sciences in Nova Scotia
Client: Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)

What did you want to be when you grew up? Daniel Boyd and Marc St. Onge are just two young entrepreneurs in a growing part of Nova Scotia's economy. These two guys surprised themselves by ending up in Nova Scotia, leading the way in the growing industries of Life Sciences. It’s a tale of lipids, biomaterials, discovery, money and momentum!