Director of Client Strategy & Development

How you describe yourself: The Energiser Bunny
How others describe you: The Energiser Bunny
Years in the business: 15
Personal mantra: You make your own luck.
Most valuable/valued skills: Perseverance, reliability, seeing connections, diplomacy, being a listening ear
Current work challenge: Developing Journeyman’s presence in Western Canada (funny how my Canadian wheel has come full circle back to Vancouver…!)
Languages: English, French (un petit peu!)


Why Halifax?
It was serendipity that brought me to Halifax in 2010. I visited Vancouver first. Great city with lots of opportunity, but a long way from home for a family move. Reflecting on my time on the East Coast, it was certainly meant to be. Where else could I have upped sticks and moved to a new country, embarked on a new job in a market where I had no prior contacts, and a year later, be standing next to the Premier of Nova Scotia when the announcement was made that Irving had won the shipbuilding contract and set the province on a fresh trajectory, full of hope and optimism.

Today, buoyed by iconic new buildings, emerging industries and challenged to make it count – it’s now or never! – Halifax is finding itself. A great location, welcoming people, and a diverse economy. With so much potential to be even better, I’m excited to play my part in shaping that future.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I love the variety of this job. As Journeyman grows and continues to expand our horizons, you literally never know what each day is going to hold, what call you’re going to receive, and where that is going to lead to.

It is incredibly rewarding to help people and organizations become better communicators, to build their stories, to find solutions to problems, to come up with ideas that create that “light bulb” moment and know you have truly made a connection and helped influence opinion.

So all that… and the dulcet tones of my two daughters, two dogs and four cats, all requiring breakfast simultaneously!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Royal Marine Commando, although having worked extensively with the Armed Forces in a production capacity, I’m glad I chose to stay on this side of the lens. Their toys are great to play with – I have fond memories of hanging out the back of a Chinook helicopter and coming into a Scottish loch on the observation deck of a nuclear submarine – but it’s always nice to be able to put those toys back in the box at the end of the day.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work in production?
My other passion is the natural world, especially observing and learning about birds, which has given me many memorable experiences around the globe. If I had my time over, I would probably train in some area of biology or zoology and transplant myself to the South American rainforest or some far-flung islands in the Pacific to study the indigenous species there. I’m still hopeful that the evolution of Journeyman ultimately involves the creation of a Natural History Unit and I can become the David Attenborough-David Suzuki hybrid for the next generation.

What are some of your favourite travel experiences?
Watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon; hiking the French-Spanish border in the Pyrenees watching Lammergeier vultures with my father; being mobbed by excitable children in a Ghanaian village; snorkelling for hours in crystal clear water in the Saronic Islands in Greece; discovering that Ireland – the Emerald Isle – really is incredibly green; flying over the Gulf Islands off Vancouver in a Twin Otter then spending the day watching whales and porpoises; hearing the call to prayer echo over the rooftops of Muscat; cruising California’s Pacific Coast Highway in my uncle’s soft-top MX5.