Journeyman Film Company is looking for a marketing guru with a brave hunger for visual content and strategy.

We’ve got a solid reputation. But we need to tell our story better. We feel like the cobbler’s children -- we’re in the business of telling stories, but we don’t tell our own and that’s not cool. We’re settling nicely into our brand-spanking-new studio, and now our brand needs to be spanked.

We intend to be one of the best content creation studios in Canada in the next 5-8 years. We’d like to grow into a much larger, multidisciplinary team that includes marketing and digital strategy, with studios in Ontario and Western Canada (we have clients in these regions now). We know we can win nationally and beyond.

We currently make an impact on the important stories that affect our economy and communities: energy, health, oceans, regional promotion, and community development. We have a deep library of work. That puts us in a fantastic position to build on the story so far and deepen our existing partnerships. We’re proud of what we produce, but we believe our best work is yet to be made. We rely on growth as a team to get us there. Our core purpose is to build prosperity and understanding through the art of storytelling.

The last few years were an interesting case study in growth. In 2014 we grew by 120%. Friends exclaimed: “it must be exciting to be one of Atlantic Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies?!” Just as teenage growing pains can be exciting! The following year, we slowed it down to build capacity and get smart. We did courses in process and strategy, reading lots of great quotes by Steve Jobs and W. Edwards Deming! We actually bought a building in downtown Dartmouth. With all that future planning and navel gazing, 2015 was a slower year for production. Friends exclaimed: “what happened?!” We learned great lessons. 2016 was better.

Our team is ready to kickstart new growth by adding an extrovert with proven creative talent, a flair for relationships and an eye for opportunity. We want a person who has kick-arse marketing expertise -- to market Journeyman better, and to bring current, strategic ideas to our client content. We need you to help us nail a new way of pitching and winning work that is emotional and visual. This bears repeating: we want visual and emotional. And we need our marketing story to support our continual recruitment for great talent.

We’re shifting our focus to long term partner clients who need a team that can deliver consistently over the long term. Experience with that type of client is essential. We want to offer strategy and planning to clients whose communication needs are driven by visual content. You’ll be a key driver for our business development. You will put the Journeyman brand on the radar, increasing our presence through multiple channels: social media, paid media, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, thought leader opportunities, and other ways of engaging the world.

We look for great culture and character fit. And it will help if you excel in concept development, pitching, writing, presenting, networking, and measuring results!

Do some research on Journeyman, and send us your pitch. While you check us out online, please know that our brand identity and website need serious updating! That’s why we’re looking for someone like you.

Don’t just send us your resume! We can look at those further down the line! For now, show us something that gets our attention. We don’t mean gimmicks. Pitch yourself right into the Journeyman story with style and marketing savvy. And share your thoughts on these questions:

  1. Where do you want to go with your life?
  2. What would you get out of working with us?
  3. How is this role a fit for you?
  4. What’s the biggest thing standing in your way to getting where you want to go?
  5. What’s the biggest thing helping you get to where you want to go?
  6. How can we support you – what do you need from us to be successful?
  7. What are the three biggest strengths you bring to take Journeyman further in our story?
  8. What do these mean to you: fit, brave, grounded, global?
  9. How would you fix our website and rev up our brand?
  10. What are the main things that motivate you, and how do you wish to be compensated when it comes to benefits and compensation in a workplace?

On this last point, it’s worth mentioning that we do have a comprehensive health and insurance benefits program for members of the team. We also have a compensation philosophy that aims to reward great company performance through incentives.

Please get in touch through email, at: and reference Creative Marketing Lead - [your name] in your subject line.

We’ll continue our search until we find the right person, but we’d like to start looking at pitches in summer 2017 in order to have someone begin in fall 2017 or sooner. We hire with a multi-stage process, so we’ll let you know what that is once you get our attention. Thanks!