How you describe yourself: Just another joyful bag of bones rolling around the planet with you freaks!
How do others describe you?: Quirky, confusing, slightly alarming. Nice teeth. Fan of Phish and Edward Abbey.
Years in the business: I've been making a living through film for about 7 years now, but I've always been finding creative ways of telling stories. I spin a good yarn, as they say.
Personal mantra: It'll be alright in the end- if it's not alright, it's not the end.
Favourite food: Sushi.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?
People! I really dig the people in my life and want to get up and interact with them. I also like meeting new people to see how they do things... usually you have to get out of bed to make that happen, so here I am. Bed is really amazing though. Oh, sleep- what a heavenly thing.  

Why Journeyman?
Why not? Journeyman makes beautiful and unique content that just captures you. This place is a hub of creativity and support. I have to refrain from hugging my coworkers because we’re in a “workplace environment”, but they are all inspirational work-horses with genius minds that are brimming with brilliance. I’m honoured to be a part of the team.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I liked performing and music. I think I knew I would express myself through art, and I knew I wanted people to feel less alone, but I was pretty laissez-faire when it came to setting goals and having a plan.

How do you find rejuvenation and balance?
Anything that gives me some time to be free of concern and enjoy being alive- a jog, the yoga mat, live music, a meaningful conversation with someone I care for- or a stranger if they are game for it. Life can be a drag, but there it remains like it or not. Understanding that there is a bigger picture and that I’m not the only player soothes my inner stirrings of anger and despair. 

What would you be doing if you didn't work in video production?
Something fun, something that brings people together, something that celebrates some sort of beauty. 

What are some of your favourite travel experiences?
I stumbled upon a Vipassana Centre in Jaipur earlier this year and decided to take a vow of silence for 10 days. For 10 days I sat on the floor of a temple letting go of the mind chatter and just existing. Mother of god, I learned a lot about life.